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It's only the Post-Apocalypse

I did it. I stopped the Apocalypse. Not until most of the people on Earth died, though. Still, there's work to be done. Hop on if you want a ride. Hope you don't mind riding bitch.

[Independent RP, AU 2014!Dean Winchester]
Feb 21 '12

vesaniasanguis started following you




Using the moment to catch her breath as well — She opened her eyes to look at Dean as he spoke, tongue flickering over her lower lip. She felt the corners of her lips tug into a small smile.

“Most certainly a yes.”

Dean’s eyes tracked the movement of Kelsey’s tongue, smiling a bit at her smile. He dove in on her mouth again, licking his way inside as his arms circled her waist, trying for a moment to get as close to her as humanly possible. Then, he let go, urging her out of her shirt while possibly trying to get out of his own at the same time.

It didn’t take much for her to get her corset top off, mostly just untying the strings that laced the upper half of the back of the top, unzipping the lower half and pulling the straps over her shoulders; not once breaking the kiss with Dean.

Dean’s hands were pushing up and under Kelsey’s top before she had even gotten it all the way off, cupping her breasts and squeezing lightly. He had to break the kiss in order to get his own shirt off, exposing his tattoo and a plethora of scars, so he took the opportunity to get the rest of the other hunter’s top off, dipping his head to kiss down her neck before sweeping over to one breast, licking around the nipple and sucking on it.